Our first event!

We at One Soul Awakening/Sangha Temple are extremely excited to announce that we will host a brand new show in the Spring of 2017, downtown Hamilton! We will be bringing together Mindfulness, Meditation, Green Technologies, Artisans, Musicians and so much more!  This show will encompass what it means to be a compassionate human and we … More Our first event!

Sangha Temple: Your Mindfulness Movement

Sangha is the beautiful word for community. We created Sangha and Sangha Temple through our parent project One Soul Awakening. We are bringing together like-minded people to expand circles, expand views and help communities to grow increasingly mindful. We believe that when we are mindful to all living beings and our home, everything else falls … More Sangha Temple: Your Mindfulness Movement

Once upon a time…

….there was a girl with many many questions.  Questions about life, love, earth, space…let’s just say, everything.  Then I found Ms. Cannon.  I still have many questions, but now, I can find the answers. Listen to her talk about how QHHT works and what she discovered! Play Me!

On the horizon

Good day friends!  What a whirlwind this summer has been.  From closing one project, to opening up many…many more, each day brings about more surprises and more learning. With each hypnosis session I have, I discover more and more information, more expansion.  Something came up over the last few weeks that I needed to share.  … More On the horizon